Raising awareness of Europe's Common Fisheries Policy

In a nutshell

Although a lot of people are probably aware that precautions are taken against the overfishing of the world’s oceans, it is likely that fewer are able to tell you exactly which rules are in place to ensure that shelves are stocked with fish every year. In the EU, the management of fishing fleets and the conservation of fish stocks is codified in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), which was first introduced in the 1970s.

In this 4-year project, GOPA Com. and COFAD are teaming up to ensure that a broad target audience is made aware of important regulations pertaining to fishing in European waters.

Our approach

As explained elsewhere on our website, one of the key strengths of the Group is our capacity to tackle complex projects that address multiple service lines by combining the strengths of our various dedicated companies and departments. For this project, which targets central, regional and local administrations; representatives of the fishing sector; consumer organisations and other stakeholders, GOPA Com.'s knowledge of designing and implementing awareness raising campaigns and organising tailored events is complemented by COFADS expertise on fisheries and aquaculture.

To maximise the impact of this EU campaign, our companies are taking care of all aspects that come into play with the organisation of three types of events: regional seminars in the EU, regional seminars outside the EU and conferences at community level. These events will promote the exchange of experiences and best practices among relevant stakeholders and spread information about new policies and initiatives. Additionally, the conferences and seminars have the aim of reaffirming stakeholder dialogue on the implementation of policies.    

We are proud to be able to cover the full scope of activities and expertise demanded by this projects and hope that, through these efforts, the seas surrounding the European Union can continue to be an international source of sustenance for many years to come. 


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